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A modern 9-screen cinema theater that shows world premiers as well as old classics, festival films and movies in English.


🚀IMAX is an ideal choice if you like blockbusters. Perfect sound, rich image and 5-storey tall screen.

🚀4DX — technology with extra special effects: rocking chairs, aromas, wind, rain, and fog effects.

🚀CINETECH + is Planeta Kino’s own development with wide aisles, comfortable armchairs and VIP seats that fold out.

🚀RE’LUX is a cinema restaurant for those who like exclusive viewing experience and delicious food. Order directly to your seat, enjoy comfort and a variety of our chef-prepared delicacies.

Hours of operation

From 10 AM to the end of our last screening
Box office and popcorn bar — until the start of our last screening
Wardrobe — until 10 PM