Cafes and restaurants

Chaplin’ is a place with great food, drinks and more. Everyone of you is special. We decided to please everyone on the spot. So…

What to eat? Sandwiches for every taste, homemade pies, salads, desserts.

What to drink? All your favorite drinks: from coffee to matcha, from lemonades to milkshakes.

For those whose body is a “Temple” we prepared a special “healthy menu”: freshies and smoothies will help cleanse the “Temple” and the conscience; Gainer and protein will support after the workout; healthy sweets without sugar and flour will be a salvation for all sweet tooth.

If you walk around Chaplin, you’ll see a whole other side to it: classic cocktails from the Charlie Chaplin era are waiting for you behind the bar. Dry and strong, delicate and refined, light and playful – our bartenders can read minds (but not exactly) and will make everything just right (and that’s for sure)! Enjoy them behind the bar after shopping, take them with you to the movies – we can do it all. We’re talking about cocktails, what are you thinking?

Maybe it’s hard to find us, but you won’t forget our cafe.

Look for us on the minus first floor in the new City Center building!