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IQOS is a tobacco heating system created by Philip Morris International. It’s an alternative for adult smokers who want to enjoy the real taste of tobacco.

The the main difference between using IQOS and regular cigarettes is that IQOS has no burning, no ash and no cigarette smoke. Thanks to the heating blade, the tobacco does not burn, but heats up, revealing its taste and aroma. Most importantly, when using IQOS, it generates a tobacco vapor that brings you a high-quality tobacco taste experience with 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.

In IQOS Space in the City Center shopping center you can:
– see and purchase anything from a wide range of IQOS and lil products such as accessories, HEETS, FIIT sticks, caps, side doors, containers, cases, accessories for charging and cleaning.
– listen and watch the presentation of IQOS and lil SOLID, learn how to use IQOS or Lil solid, ask a question.
– get service support, diagnose a faulty IQOS or lil SOLID, make a warranty replacement for a new device.
– take IQOS for a test drive for 7 days for 1 UAH.
– buy a gift certificate for a friend who smokes.