Cafes and restaurants

Top Waffle is a network of creative waffle bars where you can try the sensational Hong Kong waffles. And also collect your own waffle.

Sweet tooths will like waffles with sweet fruit fillings: Yogurt waffle, Banana roll, Ice cream + fruit, Bounty / Snickers waffle, etc.

Unsweetened waffles can become a hearty and non-boring snack: Waffle Dog, Meat / Cheese + Vegetables, Prosciutto Sandwich, Salmon Sandwich, etc. Each waffle has 30 balls, which can also be filled with a filling of your choice! Watch the process of preparing your order right behind the bar, because we have an open kitchen. We prepare immediately after ordering. We use only natural ingredients – without blanks and semi-finished products!

You can also choose a drink to taste: refreshing lemonades, natural smoothies, coffee drinks, teas, milkshakes and cocktails from seasonal berries and fruits.

Come to our waffle bars or arrange delivery – it’s simple and delicious.